To furnish Tuscan style

To furnish Tuscan style we offer a line of furniture with “Antica firenze” finish, the result of research into materials, colors, designs and techniques that together express and revive a typical Florentine style in which the lacquers, today antiques, recall the period of excellence of the Renaissance in which Florence was a protagonist in art and beyond. Our furniture and furnishing accessories are very particular and unique, Italian furniture fit well both in rural contexts typical of Tuscan villas or prestigious agritourisms, as well as in classic houses and residences of the city, because their characteristic of unique pieces they combine very well with both classic and contemporary furnishings, enhancing both the various styles, even if different, and the furnishing of the whole house, creating warm atmospheres that recall a glorious past, look with confidence to the future. In the ns. projects on many occasions we have proposed this type of synergy and what has come out of it are unique furnishings able to express a strong character that reflects love for beautiful things made in Tuscany.